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Moon Lair is the secret hideout from which all of our stories are born. Think of it as the mad scientist's lab, the underground base, the fortress of - well, you get the idea. 


We have a deep passion for the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s – the time when iconic manga and anime captured our hearts and imagination. Our stories not only pay homage to the timeless classics, but also introduce fresh ideas and original concepts. We’re striving for the perfect blend of past and present. We want to bring the magic of that era back to life, weaving tales that evoke the same awe and excitement we experienced while flipping through the pages of those classic manga. We're committed to crafting inclusive stories that resonate with a broad audience, ensuring that everyone can find a version themselves within our worlds, and that's just the beginning!


We're not just a manga studio; we're about multimedia magic. In the near future, we will be expanding our horizons into the captivating realms of animation, video games and toys; bringing your favorite stories to life in ways that go beyond the pages.



Pandy O

Pandy O
Co-Founder | Artist | Writer

PandyO is a seasoned comic book artist and art instructor at Stone Branch School of Art with 15 years of diverse creative experience. While he's tackled everything from indie comics to murals and animation, his true passion lies in manga and anime. As the sole artist behind the Moon Lair properties, PandyO has brought his original IPs like Go Go Gonzi and AK Yumi to life over the past few years. He's also joined forces with Last Bastion Studios, Screenshot Labs, and Command Grab Entertainment for some exciting projects. Keep an eye out for his upcoming collaborations with Lesser Known Comics on stories and variant covers!

M.M. Smart
Co-Founder | Editor | Writer

With a decade of IT development and project management know-how, MM has a ton of technical and writing prowess. MM is a die-hard comic book enthusiast and she's thrilled to blend her love for comics with fresh ideas, while crafting and nurturing her very own stories. We she’s not editing or writing, her main object is to maintain the seamless progress of projects. There’s always a lot going on in the Lair so her goal is to keep the team on track!

Garry Gibbs II
Director of Media | Voiceover Artist | Writer

At Moon Lair Studios, Garry seamlessly blends roles as Director of Media, Writer, and Voiceover Artist. Aside from guiding the studio's media direction, Garry also heads Command Grab Multimedia, Moon Lair's in-house audio and video production team, specializing in voiceover and media solutions. An innovator at heart, Garry introduced the unique Dynamic Manga format - an exclusive, immersive motion manga experience that's redefining the game within Moon Lair Studios.

The Dog

“Pant, pant, pant”


(This is our dog, she’s just here for moral support)

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